Weeping Willow Cakes



Lady Lamington has all the sophistication you require for a dinner party with a tart berry jam filling she is just a little bit sassy! Chocolate glazed sponge cake wrapped in a layer of coconut, filled with fresh cream and homemade jam. This lady has all the sponge elements your require for a birthday, dinner party or even just a Friday night! Fill your boots!

THIS CAKE IS FILLED WITH FRESH CREAM and is best eaten the day of pick up or delivery. This cake is not suitable for long car rides or to sit around in the heat.

PLEASE NOTE: All my cakes look different each time they are made and are decorated to high standard but not the exact same each time. If you would like a specific style or you like how one of my cakes has been decorated and would like one similar please fill out my enquiry form so that we can get this correct for you!