My Story

Weeping Willow Cakes was dreamed up over coffee on an Antarctic research base with well renowned New York based edible artist Rose McAdoo. Rose shared my passion for zero waste, nutritious beautiful cakes that stood out from the crowd. After much deliberation Willow Cakes flourished and my philosophy of combining cake, flowers, sustainability and beauty became a reality. 

Many of my recipes have been passed down through generations and originate from a time where food was a reason to gather, share thoughts and celebrate moments. I am lucky enough to share my passion with people every day by creating locally sourced, wickedly wholesome, vibrant cakes chock full of LOVE

At Weeping Willow Cakes we pride ourselves on being adventurous flavour innovators whose cakes are full of nutrients! We draw inspiration from generations of home baking with a mission to create tasty treats that our customers would be proud to present at any dinner party or special occasion. Our handmade cakes are created in Arrowtown and chocked-full of fresh ingredients and home grown fruits and flowers. 

My style of cake decorating is not your standard clean cut cakes but something that is a little more naked, floral, scrumptious, and intricate with the focus on the flavour and ingredients rather than on the artificial decorations and pounds of icing!

Many people ask what my favourite flavour is and I have to say there will always be a special place in my heart for an old fashioned sponge, but I also love reinventing flavours and creating others dreamed up master pieces so please feel free to offer up your creative ideas and together we can find a way to cater to your needs as well as your taste buds!

I am a one women show so you'll notice that I require 48hours notice on my orders and it takes a little longer to get those custom orders just right, so order early as possible to ensure I save some space for you!