We believe that nature offers the most vibrant flavours + colours. 
We use natural flavourings and colouring in our cakes, taken from your everyday fruits and vegetables (don’t worry, you won’t even know they are in there!). We say NO THANK YOU to nasty additives and preservative’s providing you with a cake that not only tastes good but leaves you feeling good as well. 


At Weeping Willow Cakes we have a few different preservation techniques in order to get the best out of our produce and seasons! We preserve the fruit from our trees into jams and compotes ensuring we capture those wholesome, home grown flavours to incorporate into our cakes all year round. We dry some of our own fruits and flowers on site in order to get a range of fruits and flowers to decorate our cakes with. We also press many of our own flowers in order to keep those vibrant blooms going throughout the darker winter months! 
Check out some of our photos below of preservation and growth in progress!


We partner with the best possible people to source ingredients and packaging that makes us sustainable, nourishing and flavoursome. Where possible we strive to source local, organic and free range ingredients to improve the quality and flavours of our cakes. Here are some of the companies and initiatives we have in place keeping our product fresh, sustainable, reusable and recyclable!


Wild Seeds is a budding wee Central Otago based company who are passionate about formulating and developing artisan hand poured candles. Their candles are created mindfully using high quality, local elements that come together to create an intricate finished product. Each candle created is carefully crafted by hand, holding its own beauty. We are proud to support this local business in their endeavour to fill the world with beauty, peace and tranquillity one candle at a time. Click here to check out all things Wild Seeds or head to our order now to get your hands on their beautifully crafted birthday candles!


At Weeping Willow we have a strong no food waste policy and work closely with this wonderful charitable trust to help provide a little smile to people when things get a little tough! 
Baskets of Blessings make and create baskets and meals for people in our community that need a little help in tough times, they pump out a serious number of meals to our community and I am extremely proud and humbled to be associated with Baskets of Blessings on their journey to help support our community in times of need. If you would like to donate, nominate or volunteer please done hesitate to contact them HERE.